Darrell Grizzle, LPC

Pre-Trial & Court-Related 
Assessments and Counseling

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor 
with a Master of Arts degree in Psychology 
with an emphasis in Addiction Counseling.  
I also have an Education Specialist (Ed.S.) 
degree in Guidance and Counseling.  
Both degrees are from the University of 
West Georgia.

I have worked in the criminal justice field 
since 1985, first as a Probation Officer, 
then as a Parole Officer and Substance 
Abuse Counselor for the Georgia Board 
of Pardons and Paroles.                                                                       Courthouse on Marietta Square

I have 25+ years experience with pre-trial                                      
evaluations for DUI, drug possession, and 
domestic violence cases, as well as shoplifting, burglary, and other kinds of cases, including misdemeanor sex offenses (public indecency, sexual battery, solicitation).  

I prepare detailed written reports based on clinical interviews as well as testing. These reports let the court know if testing indicates a client’s offense was an isolated incident – or, if it was part of an ongoing or established pattern of behavior, the report will outline a detailed counseling plan, personalized for each individual client.

I also prepare evaluations and provide individual counseling services for clients who are already on probation, parole, or pre-trial diversion.

You can schedule an appointment for a court-related assessment by calling 678-642-3213.  
Fees are based on the court charges (misdemeanor or felony) and the level of testing required. Weekend and evening appointments are often available.

Licensed Professional Counselor, Georgia License No. LPC003532

DUI Clinical Evaluator, State Registry No. CE2096

While in private practice, I referred a number of clients to counselors for court-related and personal counseling needs. Every client who was referred to Mr. Grizzle, even for court-required counseling, returned to say he really helped them with their counseling needs and their lives were better for having worked with Mr. Grizzle. 

Mr. Grizzle's profile is very accurate. He non-judgmentally counsels people using their own positions and stages in life as starting points, and helps them make improvements from there.  
Mr. Grizzle is well read and his counseling perspective bridges race, religion, and culture. He's a nice, easy-going man and a pleasure to work with.  

~ The Honorable Gregory Douds, Chief Associate Magistrate Judge, Cherokee County

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